When a loved one has passed on emotions run high.  It may be one of the toughest experiences you face in life saying goodbye to your Mom or Dad, grandparent, sibling or spouse.  We've been there too and we're very empathetic about what you are going through.

We also know that not every family member can make a funeral or memorial service.  Videotaping a funeral service in Orlando ensures that you'll have every moment captured from the pastor's sermon to the eulogy and all the hymns.  

Some common questions:

Q. Where will you videotape from?

A. We try to be as discreet as possible.  We know this is a personal time for family so we'd rather shoot from a 2nd floor looking down where we are out of the way but still have a good vantage point.  Naturally that isn't always possible, we try to find a place where we are out of the way but have a good position where we aren't blocked.   

Q. How much does this service cost?

A. Our most popular service runs $1,200.00. We capture the funeral with one camera, record sound, and edit the video and deliver via DVD (2 copies) or a thumbdrive that holds a Quicktime movie file.  We also offer a deluxe package where we provide a 2-minute picture montage (up to 30 photos) with music (royalty free music background, not a copyrighted popular song), along with the service for $2,000.00.

Q. Do you record the gravesite service as well?

A. We have found that getting to the gravesite in a timely manner after we strike our equipment, get everything loaded back up into our car and then unload everything again and put a microphone on the attending official at the gravesite can be pretty challenging.  We're usually among the last to leave the funeral because it takes us about 10 minutes to pack our gear up. We hate to make promises we can't keep, so recording the gravesite can be pretty challenging.

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"Absolutely perfect! You provided a life-time memory for our family. Thank you for saying yes. We will highly recommend your service.”

— Lori, J.  Jacksonville, Florida