It's safe to say no one company is the best fit for everybody.  Some groups may prefer to work with a very large video production company, other businesses might be searching for a smaller company, one that can offer high quality and results...but with more personal service.  


We understand that the number one thing every client wants is to have confidence that their project will be handled professionally and on budget. We feel the same way!  We produce our best work when we're working with clients we get to know.  While we successfully produce a number of one-time projects we like to develop relationships so that we can become your local "in-house" team.  

These are some of the things we consider when a client approaches us about a project:

  1. Ethics - We only work with companies that are ethical and provide products and services that enhance business and do so in a fair manner.

  2. Culture - We like to work with companies that foster a positive workplace environment where employees are a valued resource.

  3. Accessibility - Returning phone calls and emails is an important part of keeping a project on track in meeting a deadline. It's a must.

  4. Partnership - Our expertise is the ability to tell a company's story in an effective manner. Working with a client should be a partnership where both voices are heard and communication is open from the very beginning. That way there are no misunderstandings. We need to be able to do our job in order to help your business. Planning is an essential key to success.

  5. Budget - Whenever we receive an inquiry we like to know what the budget is for the project. That helps us design the most effective package and eliminates a guessing game. Saving both of us time. If you're cutting and pasting an email to several different production companies in hopes of getting the absolute lowest price, we won't be a good match. We're interested in relationships. The value we provide will go far beyond the number on the quote.

We point these things out because naturally we want your project to be a success.  We're not the stuck-up girl who's constantly reapplying her mascara! Understanding who we work best with and how we can help them is an important first step in the process.  We'd love to hear about your project and a little bit about your company, in order to see if we can help.