Memories are wonderful, but over time they become more distant, a little more removed.  Family Biography videos leave an indelible mark and cover your rich history, your treasure trove of memories for your family to cherish for decades to come.

Scott Whitney is the founder of Life Story Films, a division of Whitney Media Productions.  Scott takes his experience of producing compelling emotional video content to another level by offering this service to families who want to leave a lasting memory to inspire and entertain generations to come.

When it comes to quality you can expect the type of imagery and production value you're accustomed to seeing on network television.  Our crews are small (typically two people) but highly experienced. Their work has been seen across the globe. We'll travel anywhere you need us to be.

Some common questions:

Q. Can you include a favorite song?

A. Only if you are prepared to pay for the commercial rights to the song, which generally are quite high.  All popular music is licensed and cannot be used because it's the property of the artist and publishing company.  

Q. How much does this service cost?

A. All of our family biography videos are custom produced.  They range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the needs of the family and their expectations. Our prices start at $5,000.00.

Q. What's involved in the process?

A. It all starts with a phone call.  We figure out what your goals are and we talk about what's important to you.  Once we have an understanding and we know how many interviews we might be doing, and how many photos you'd like to use in the film we go to work in putting together a custom quote.  Some projects we are able to shoot in one day, others a couple days. 

Q. Do you travel outside of Florida?

A. Yes!  We try to keep our expenses controlled by using additional crew in other markets that we have access to to support Scott Whitney on those shoots.  That way instead of flying a couple people and paying for lodging and miscellaneous expenses the traveling fees are reduced to just one person.  

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"Absolutely perfect! You provided a life-time memory for our family. Thank you for saying yes. We will highly recommend your service.”

— Lori, J.  Jacksonville, Florida