FAQ Videos: The Answer For Successful Small Businesses

100 million internet users watch online video each day.  (Statistics courtesy of the Video Brewery)

100 million internet users watch online video each day.  (Statistics courtesy of the Video Brewery)

Our Orlando video production company offers FAQ videos as one of our core products.  Quite often the content is written as the website is being developed, it’s then posted and totally forgotten about.  But what if your company produced videos that covered topics most important to your prospects and visitors on a regular basis? 

FAQ videos have several benefits. 

1.      Video Makes You An Expert.  When a visitor comes to your website they’re looking for information.  What do you have to share?  Professionally produced video presents your company as a legitimate force. Thomson Reuters did a study and found out that when consumers are looking for an attorney they visit on average 4.8 law firm websites.  If video is one of those sites the number is reduced to 1.8.  People want to do business with companies that are knowledgeable.  They also want to be impressed. 

2.      Google Will Love You.  Google places a high value on video.  (They did purchase YouTube after all)  62% of Google universal searches include a video offering.  According to Forrester Research video is 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than plain text results.  Why?  Well for one reason people still use text more.  Competition for video content isn’t as high so as a result when Google sees video it’s only logical to conclude it will rank higher.  One other compelling stat…video search results have a 41% higher click-through than text.    

3.      Video Builds Brands.  Don’t think of a single video as a throwaway item that you’re producing just because you’ve been told you should give it a try.  Build a video library.  Create a video knowledge center that will blow your customers away…and your competition.  Think big…consider your business a publisher.  If the content you create is valuable you’ll gain followers.  Becoming a brand doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a long term commitment and requires a different mindset.

4.      More Prospects Will Watch.  Video consumption is increasing.  According to eMarketer, B2B buyers name video among the top 3 most useful types of content for making work purchases. 

A Cost-Efficient Means Of Production

FAQ videos don’t need to be fancy, the production quality is professional but straight forward.  A production company or videographer can come to your place of work and turn a spare office or lobby into a mini studio.  The goal is to have topics you want to discuss and have them listed on small notecards.  You’re speaking from experience, the knowledge you’ve gained from your years in the business.  Each video covers a different topic…a different concern or question a potential customer might have.  It’s not uncommon to be able to record 10-15 of these videos in a four-hour setting.  It depends on the person and their preparation.  The best part of these type of ‘productions’ is that they become formula based.  They take less time in post-production to edit because a template can be built and applied to each video.  The objective is to get the most out of the shooting day as possible because that will be the principal expense.  The more videos shot during the course of the day, the less each individual video will wind up costing.  Volume wins out in the end. 

Distribution: The Next Step

How you plan to distribute your videos is obviously a key step in this process.  You have different options available.

1.      Upload them to YouTube and/or Vimeo and create your own company channel

2.      Embed them on your company website    

3.      Distribute them on Facebook, and other social media outlets

4.      Get higher click-through rates by using them in email marketing

Driving as much traffic as you can to your website should be the overall goal.  So definitely embed or host the videos on your site.  By creating individual pages on your website for each video, you’re creating more content and opportunity to get links and be indexed by Google.  

Diving Deeper

You goal should be to make your videos helpful, provide value, and be compelling.  Pack a punch at the beginning of your videos so that you can hook your prospects in.  By providing the most essential information early on you’re ensuring greater engagement with your audience.  Each video should focus on one clear objective and not venture too far off into other areas.  You’re creating a library, you’ll have plenty of time to jump into other topics.  We believe an ideal length for FAQ videos is between 1-2 minutes. 

There’s different measuring tools to gauge how your videos are performing.  Google Analytics is one, hosting sites like Vimeo also offer advanced statistics like number of plays and geographical data.

Video SEO is also an important part of the equation because you’ll want to optimize your video content for search engines.  Providing a video description, making your video titles short and sweet, and creating video tags are all recipes for success.  Transcribing the video is an extra step that most companies don’t take advantage of.  The written content gives you an added bonus to rank for keywords.