Sharita's Key

About 4 months ago we were introduced to Habitat For Humanity Seminole-Apopka at a networking event hosted by the Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses.


We started talking about a project they had a need for and soon enough we presented a proposal for producing a 5-minute fundraising video.  When Habitat selected our Orlando video production company we knew it was a great honor.  We were welcomed into homes and introduced to families who were part of the Habitat community.  These were families who have had amazing struggles in life but still managed to persevere amidst great pain and adversity.  Families that continued hoping, put in their fair share of sweat equity in order to achieve their dreams of home ownership.


We met volunteers at construction sites and shot footage with board members and Restore workers. We had our cameras at a move-in day where 6 Habitat families moved in to a new town home complex in Longwood.  It was quite an event.    

All in all we spent 2.5 days shooting.  The crew consisted of two people, we used a third crew member on the final day of production in order to meet all the locations we were trying to get to on that day of shooting.  

I think one of the moments I'll remember for sometime is when Sharita, a Habitat homeowner, started to break down when thinking about the prospects her children would face if they hadn't been accepted into the Habitat program.  

Video is a powerful mechanism.  The Seminole-Apopka chapter now has a video marketing tool that they can present to groups and organizations.  Instead of reading testimonials, people will see the true impact that Habitat is having in real people's lives.