How Much Does A Professionally Produced Video In Orlando Cost?

The Mother Lode of All Video Production Questions!

A recently accepted proposal from a company needing our video production services

A recently accepted proposal from a company needing our video production services

We’re interested in producing a two-minute video. What will that cost? I can’t tell you how often we get that like right off the bat…in an email, phone call, etc. Video production companies back in the 1800s probably got that by Pony Express. Just guessing here! :-)

So, what does it cost though to produce a good video? Right? You’re looking for information after all. Let’s attempt to answer that.

It depends on expectations, needs, budget, how’s it being used, goals, etc. What kind of a problem is the video solving? What kind of resources need to be invested in the video?

Quite frankly if you asked this question to a production company with a large staff and lots of overhead you’re going to get a very different answer, opposed to a company like ours that scales to the size of a project. A large company may quote upwards to $20,000 on a 3-minute brand video that takes days of planning, two days to shoot, a few days to edit with color grading, motion graphics, etc, whereas a smaller company may very well charge under 10k.

What about the average project? Something simpler, less sophisticated, but professional? Something that is going to reflect well on your company? I think if you plan on spending between $3500-$7000 you should be able to fully expect a video that will portray your company in a good light. But that’s assuming there isn’t a script involved, that we’re simply conducting interviews, that we aren’t creating any sophisticated animations, other than possibly a simple logo animation. Once other costs get tossed into the equation like talent, animation, script writing, location scouting, studio rental, that can increase.

One of the biggest items that dictates cost is the amount of days involved in shooting. When you limit production to one day of shooting you can expect to fit within that price range mentioned above. If it’s a day and half, probably nearer the top shelf in that range.

Planning is always going to be a cost in video production. There are some videographers that simply may be there to document an event, but when producing a video, ample thought has be given to the questions that are going to be asked in an interview! The questions we ask will elicit authentic responses which will make up the vast majority of a company’s video. We spend hours in a very deliberate manner going over these questions because it’s such a crucial element.

A recently accepted proposal of ours for a series of Frequently Asked Questions

A recently accepted proposal of ours for a series of Frequently Asked Questions

Another factor is the amount of editing involved. FAQ videos are more formula driven, opposed to Video Business Cards or Brand videos. Logging data and finding the best soundbites that tell a company’s story is intensive work. It takes time to put that puzzle together. FAQ videos are generally presented in one entire take and we’re able to find those clips and the editing is much faster. So even though we might be delivering 10 FAQ videos, the cost may very well be less expensive than one brand video. That’s simply because the time it takes to effectively produce a brand video with planning, shooting, logging, editing, finding the music that matches the mood of the interviews we are selecting is more intensive. It’s a big puzzle we’re piecing together.

To sum things up, there are many variables at play when it comes to the cost of a video. Last year we had projects ranging from $1,416.00 to $24,935. Each of them were important, and had their very own set of goals and objectives.

Every responsible business needs to evaluate how their marketing dollars are being invested. But aside from the cost, there is a very real value that video represents. And make no mistake…not all video is created equal. There’s a difference between videographers and video production companies that dive deep into your message and target audience.

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