How Video Can Help An AC Installation Company


This is the 2nd part in a year-long series we started a couple months ago where we look at how video can benefit a wide variety of industries. 

If you’ve lived in Florida any length of time you know we have our share of hot months. Home air-conditioning companies are very important…for our comfort and sanity!

They have a story that needs to be delivered too and two main points of emphasis come to mind.

1) Education

Providing video tips in a quarterly email that customers can watch is a smart move.  You’re sharing information that’s important and helping your consumer!  Is there something the homeowner should be aware of as we get closer to the summer months?  What kind of preventive maintenance can the homeowner undertake themselves?  What’s the perfect size unit for a home? Frequently asked question videos are very easy to produce and can be broken down into different categories on your company website.  Engage your customer or prospect with fresh content.  Text is often ignored, but people can’t get enough of videos. 

2) Community Connection

The biggest risk is not taking any risk...In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risk.
— Mark Zuckerberg

We like to tie in how a business is connected with the community they serve.  It provides more depth and immediately gains you trust.  It’s a different approach where you are branding your company as something more than just a service provider.  Naturally that’s important, but content on a website works in conjunction together.  You’re going to have pieces that talk about your team, and why your service is the best in the business.  Why not take another step forward and show (not tell) how your company gives back to the community?  This is the perfect opportunity to produce a video that shows your team participating in a “community walk” or giving back at the local YMCA or boys club, or maybe even how your firm supports the little league team in your area.  Thinking outside the box can provide dividends. 

What Other Video Strategies Can Be Implemented?

·       Think about your videos in the form of a campaign.  If they are educational videos why not use one central person, an employee of your company that’s engaging, dynamic, has a great personality as the ‘host’ of the videos?  They become the face of the campaign, the friendly person from ACME Air Conditioning that’s sharing information.  Don’t think of these as commercials!  They aren’t.  Commercials don’t work on the web, people watch videos online for education and entertainment.  They don’t want to be sold to….people do want information.

·       Branding videos.  A branding video tells a story in 2 minutes about who your company is, what they do and what makes them uniquely different.  I believe consumers like to identify with the company they’re doing business with.  It makes sense.  After all when we call an office it’s nice to talk to a real human being and not hear an automated menu.  Taking that one step further it’s even nicer when we call a local business (especially one that’s service related) that we talk to a person we’ve talked to before!  The same applies to video.  A brand video can be effective because someone visiting your website for the first time can actually get to meet your key people through a 2-minute video.  When your people are shown in the best light possible their real sense of self comes out.  Most people like to help one another.  That’s the spirit a professional production company wants to capture.  We ask key questions where we’ll get answers that reveal the heart of a person on camera, why they live what they do, why they’ve been working at a company for 18 years.  Those things resonate and have impact.   

Other Benefits of Video

Video content on your website also garners you attention from Google.  Developing a video strategy like distributing one FAQ video a month on your website will increase your SEO rankings.  It’s entirely possible to produce 8-10 simple FAQ videos in one afternoon in a studio.  When you have that kind of content you now have the power and can flex your muscles distributing videos on your website, social media, etc. By producing consistent video content and optimizing that work through keyword titles and meta descriptions, your website will reach a larger audience. 

If you have any questions on how your company can develop a video strategy that best suits your needs and budget please contact us.  We respond to all inquiries within one business day.