How Video Can Help A CPA Firm

According to Cisco, in 2017 online video will account for 69% of all internet consumer traffic

According to Cisco, in 2017 online video will account for 69% of all internet consumer traffic

Over the next several months we’re going to take a look at how business videos can be used for a variety of industries. Today we’re starting the series and examining how an accounting firm would benefit from video and strategies they might take.

Certified Public Accountants play an important role for individuals, small businesses, nonprofits and a multitude of agencies.  As we see it there’s several reasons why your CPA firm would want to work with a video production company.  Let’s take a look at four primary reasons.

1) Reputation

A professionally produced video will automatically speak to your reputation when a visitor comes to your site.  Professionally produced is the key here.  A video needs to be properly exposed, have a composition pleasing to the eye and lit well.  The overall design needs to match your branding.  Simple subliminal elements such as these are very important.  When dealing with taxes, businesses and individuals alike are looking for a company they can have confidence in.  It won’t help you if your picture is blurry, the camera is shaky, and the audio sounds like it’s being recorded from 50 feet away!  Trying to produce a video in-house may save a few dollars, but it won’t help your credibility.  You wouldn’t show up at a business meeting with a stain on your shirt and a tear in your jacket.  Why would anyone try to produce an inadequate amateur video?    

2) Education

Information is the currency of any reputable website.  The more relevant content you share the better experience you’re creating for your visitor.  You want that content to be a blend of text, photos, and video.  Some individuals may prefer text, others video.  According to Hubspot, 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text.  Educational videos in the form of FAQs are very easy to produce and can be broken down into different categories (again making the user experience a pleasant one and easy to search).  One could easily assert that an afternoon spent videotaping 10 FAQ videos would take less time on behalf of the person on camera than that same person writing ten 1,000 word blog articles.  While blogs can be farmed out you aren’t getting the same high level of content as delivered from an expert in the field.

3) Personal Connection      

Being seen on camera, especially from a person who might ultimately hire your firm is a pretty good way to start a relationship.  You’re instantly providing value and like we said before…you’re building on your reputation.  Video is a tool like none other.  Your prospect has the opportunity to find out how knowledgeable you are and also learn a little bit about your personality and mannerisms.  All of these things make hiring a professional video producer even more important.    

4) Search Engines

Local search association surveyed 2000 consumers and found 44% of buyers watched an online video while searching for products and services.  53% of viewers contacted a business after watching a video

Local search association surveyed 2000 consumers and found 44% of buyers watched an online video while searching for products and services.  53% of viewers contacted a business after watching a video

Creating video content on your website is a smart decision strictly for the value you will reap from Google.  Now don’t misinterpret what we are saying here.  Producing one video isn’t going to instantly create website traffic like you’ve never seen.  It doesn’t work that way.  But producing a steady stream of valuable video content and optimizing that work through meta descriptions, using keywords in titles will earn your business Google’s attention. 


Determining the type of video content that will workeffectively within your industry is an important step.

What will go over well with your audience?  What are they looking for?  

Educational Videos

Provide visitors and customers important updates on taxes.  Whether that’s changes in mileage rates or any other pertinent changes related to the IRS.  Explain new regulations or benefits.  Think about your client base, what will be important to them?  Are there any changes that will affect new small businesses?  Are there any deductions they might benefit from? The key in producing these kind of FAQ videos is providing enough useful information where your prospect knows they would benefit from working with you.  Another value of educational videos is the amount of time they can save you!  For example, say you have a client who unfortunately has to go through an audit.  If a CPA firm has a 5-10-minute video already produced about what to expect during the audit, the best way to prepare for one, and other important aspects, they can use that as an informational resource or guide for a customer.  Imagine the time that’s saved by referring your customers to that one video to help educate them to the process.

Meet the Partners

Knowing something about the people that make up your firm is important.  It provides another element in building a relationship even prior to a meeting.  60-second videos where each partner or the sole owner of the company talks on camera about why they started the business, how they’re involved in the community sheds a little more light on what makes your company unique.


Here’s another extension of educational videos but a little different than FAQ videos.  Are you a featured speaker at a conference or event?  Have your presentation videotaped and consider using that as content on your website as well.  It provides more social proof of your expertise.  Even if you don’t have a lecture or seminar scheduled, you could shoot the same content in your office and feature it as a 30-minute study on whichever subject you feel would be relevant.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonial videos are one of the most effective video tools produced.  You’re getting first-hand testimony from a business or a consumer who has benefited from your service.  CPA video testimonials can be used on a firm’s website, email marketing, and social media.  With any video like this it’s important for all participants to sign a release form.


What about the return on investment?  Say you're a CPA company and you can see the educational value videos will bring to your website.  What can I expect from my investment?  Well first off your videos will have a long shelf life.  You, or one of your business partners should present on camera.

This is your business, your investment, most likely you don't have any plans to leave in the near future. Ask yourself how much money a typical client will spend with you over the course of their business dealings.  I can personally say after going through a most recent change myself that I worked with my previous accountant for twenty-one years.  Most clients don't like change, they want to find someone and work with them for a very long time.  So what is that number?  Yearly fees might range anywhere from $300 for a simple return to over tens of thousands of dollars for a larger business.  The cost of video production and the value it provides in exposure, credibility, and relationship building (people will talk to you about being on camera, it's a great ice-breaker) is well worth the price of admission.  


CPA’s are counted on for their counsel, guidance and knowledgeable service.  Every tool and resource they provide clients needs to be top of line.  Accountants are a perfect candidate for video production because of the educational aspects video provides and the sophistication higher level clients come to expect.

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