How Video Keeps Your Business Relevant

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines -Brightcove

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines -Brightcove

We all know competition is fierce.  Buyers, whether they be a consumer or business will always search for a product or service they feel confident in. Something they can brag about or feel good about when talking with a friend or colleague. 

So what makes your business different than your competitor?   What makes you stand out?

Marketing videos or business films provide your company the chance to shine or show your soul. Video is a difference maker in that it truly provides an opportunity for other businesses to get to know you before even meeting you!  Here's 3 ideas for videos that you may not have thought of that will keep your business the center of attention!

Documenting Community Involvement

Does your business stay involved in the community?  Does your team volunteer in different walks, causes or benefits?  Next time you do videotape it! Create a sharp, quick moving, 60 second highlight video that will showcase your team and the work you're doing in the community.  Use it for social media, your email newsletter or post it in a professional association you’re involved in.  People will take notice, your calls will be returned.  If people don't see what you're doing, you won't get noticed.

Trade Show Reports

We all attend trade shows and different conferences.  Consider producing a video around a trade show your company is attending.  If you have a booth even better.  A 2-minute roundup video featuring one of your representatives on camera with information regarding the event and even an interview with other participants will be powerful content for your clients and prospects.  Again, the purpose is staying relevant.  Experts at the Online Marketing Institute suggests that it takes 7-13 touches to deliver a qualified sales lead.  Video makes the conversion process faster. 

Business to Business Video Testimonials  

There's no other source of video marketing more power than a testimonial.  Create a client appreciation day and ask if your clients will be willing to go on camera and talk about how your service has improved their bottom line.  Make it a fun event.  Team building doesn't just have to mean your immediate internal team, it's also the businesses you work with closely.  A video can be shared in a joint press release or on social media.  If you post a video on social media your strongest return will be to upload directly to Facebook rather than linking on YouTube.  You'll get more shares and likes.

In short, video today looks quite a bit different than it did 20 years ago.  It's a combination of being personal and engaging, but also informative.  It still requires a powerful story and has to be told in a way that resonates with your target audience.